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Birthday Blackout VEGAN

            Vegan funfetti cupcake infused with Smirnoff Fluffed marshmallow vodka, Smirnoff vanilla vodka frosting (available soy free)

 Bite the Bulleit

            Vanilla cake infused with Bulleit Bourbon, filled with salted Bulleit caramel sauce, salted Bulleit bourbon caramel buttercream

Boozy Breakfast

         Bacon cupcake infused with Crown Royal maple whiskey, Crown Royal maple whiskey buttercream and bacon garnish

Brau Rickey

DC Brau Citizen lime cake infused with Jim Beam bourbon, Beam bourbon lime buttercream

Buttery Nipple

            Vanilla cake infused with Buttershots Schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream

 Car Bomb

            Guinness chocolate cake infused with Jameson Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream

Cowboy Coffee

           Guinness chocolate cupcake infused with Jameson, Van Gogh Espresso Vodka fudge frosting

Drunkin’ Punkins’ (Seasonal) VEGAN

            Vegan pumpkin spice cupcake studded with chunks of crystallized ginger, infused with Capitan Morgan Spiced Rum, Smirnoff vanilla vodka frosting

Dirty Pillows

            Traditional Tres Leches cupcakes made extra boozy with the addition of Flor de Caña.

Fat Cat

DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter chocolate cake infused with Bulleit bourbon, filled with salted Bulleit caramel sauce, bourbon caramel buttercream, pretzel garnish

Fat Elvis

            Banana cake infused with Malibu banana rum, peanut butter Smirnoff Kissed Caramel vodka frosting


            Vanilla cake infused with Smirnoff marshmallow vodka, filled with marshmallow cream, Smirnoff Kissed Caramel vodka peanut butter frosting

Gingerbuzz Man (Seasonal)  VEGAN

            Vegan gingerbread cake infused with Crown Royale Maple Whiskey, Crown Royal frosting

Howlin’ Wolf (Seasonal) 

            Candied pecan cupcake infused with William Wolf Pecan infused whiskey, William Wolf buttercream, candied pecans

Jewel Runner

            Devil’s food cake infused with Hennessy, Grey Goose vodka vanilla bean frosting (Special order only)

Lemon Drop

            Lemon cake infused with Absolut Citrus vodka, Absolut Citrus vodka buttercream

Mind Eraser No Chaser

            Vanilla cake infused with Kahlua and Stoli Vanilla vodka, Kahlua and Stoli vanilla vodka buttercream

Nutty Irishman

            Guinness chocolate cake infused with Frangelico, filled with Nutella, Baileys Irish Cream buttercream

 Old Fashioned

            Vanilla orange cake infused with Bulleit bourbon, filled with Angostura caramel sauce, Bulleit bourbon buttercream

Saucy Santa (Seasonal)

            Eggnog spice cake infused with Jim Beam bourbon, eggnog Beam bourbon buttercream

Sweet Tart

            White chocolate cake infused with Deep Eddy Cranberry vodka, Deep Eddy Cranberry orange buttercream

The Dude

            Pound cake infused with Kahlua and Absolut vodka with a whipped cream topping